Saturday, January 28, 2023

I Awake from a Dream of Sunflowers… Hi Everyone!

      …And welcome to my space - not the ancient social media site, though.

    Now that I’ve shown my age, my name is Aletta and I am a long-time writer of many genres of both fiction and nonfiction. However, this blog is going to focus on one of my favorites… Romance! Specifically LGBTQ+ romance. My own romance writing often follows the structure in Romancing the Beat, which is a spectacular read. Gwen Hayes does an amazing job covering structure, but I am hoping to cover a broader spectrum here, while also giving everyone a glance into my own novel writing process.
    My goals in particular for this blog is to eventually go over the entire writing process with keeping the sweet and spicy flavors of love in mind - though some extra toppings of fantasy, horror, and mystery might be added in from time to time. Over my years as a writer, I’ve gotten many questions on my process and how I come up with some of the things I come up with and I want this to be a place where all of my advice - and madwoman ramblings - can be archived in a nice and hopefully neat website.
    Just in case you all are wondering about my credentials… I have been writing since I was very young, elementary school in fact. It started with books about hamsters and over the years it’s evolved into just about every genre I can sink my teeth into. In college, I took many classes on writing and even started doing freelance work and the rest is history. Basically, writing has been most of my life and there aren’t many days that I go without writing something. I’m also working on getting into the self-publishing business and that’s the part of my writing journey that will be documented here.
     My inspirations for writing are all pretty… nerdy if I do say so. I watch a lot of anime and read manga and I also play Dungeons & Dragons. I also take a lot of inspiration from video games and visual novels. Maybe I’ll dive more into my interests at some point but I could easily spend thousands of words gushing so I will leave it at that.
    Thank you for your time and I hope that this blog will be a place for you to learn, seek advice, and grow as a writer! I also hope that you will enjoy my writing because I am excited to let the flowers bloom and add a bit more mushy, gushy love to the world! Please check me out on Twitter as well if you have the time and feel free to send me questions and interact with me there!

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